Me gusta ser mormón.

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Niños y LDSconf.

Children and LDSconf.

anavant asked:
Me encanta tu blog y me inspira a submitir más cosas mormonas en el mío :)

Pues muchas gracias,de verdad. Sí, es mucho lo que se puede poner sobre la iglesia, adelante.

Conferencia General en Instagram.

Mascotas y LDSconf.

Pets and LDSconf.

Conferencia General en Instagram.

Pies y LDSconf.

Feet and LDSconf.

Conferencia General en Instagram.

Comida y LDSconf

Food and LDSconf

The blessings of the priesthood are available to women and to men on the same terms.

Dallin H. Oaks.

Don’t stop believing version #ldsconf


Double lapses tonight at Temple Square.

Photo by Sean Ferrell.

Gordon B. Hinckley.

Photo by Ralph Shipp.


My mom has had a small, plain copy of this quote taped to a card box in her office for years. I have always been very fond of it, so I was excited to hear it quoted in D. Todd Christofferson’s talk. You can also see Margaret D. Naudald’s original address here.